To Be Perfectly Queer – Erasing Identity in Our Safe Spaces

Maybe the truth is, we refuse to grow up because we can't conform with the harshness and injustice of adulthood, and so we refuse our teenage characters that same process. We want perfection because life sucks and, as lgbtq+ individuals, we're already under and wrongly represented enough. 

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{ To Indian Cobra and Beyond } #YARC2020 Year of the Asian Reading Challenge 2020

Channeling my inner Rhianna, I've decided to take a plunge and join the amazing Year of the Asian Reading Challenge! (Or the #YARC2020 for those lazy of finger).

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{ The Feminist Neuromancer We Needed } Saint Code: The Lost by Megan Mackie – Review

Exhilarating and provoking, Saint Code: The Lost is an emancipation of the self and a fight for survival. Constructing a bridge between reality and illusion, it explores the future of society, of humanity, and adds a feminist kick to the traditional cyberpunk setting.

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{ Through Norse Myth & Children’s Legendary Fortitude } Review of Arthur and the Golden Rope by Joe Todd-Stanton

Arthur and the Golden Rope weaves Norse mythology and imaginative, vivid illustrations together to bring readers the inspiring and fun journey of one strange little boy, who overcomes mountains and monsters in order to bring back the flame that burns at the heart of his village.

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{ Can You Feel the Diversity Tonight? } Favorite Upcoming Diverse Books of 2020

Diversity is ever-present in our everyday lives, whether we realize it or not. It is the foundation of life and what makes it, not only bearable, but shareable and worthy. Without it, we'd all still be quadrupedal ancestors meandering about, screaming at George for taking that last neogene banana. Well, in much we haven't changed,… Continue reading { Can You Feel the Diversity Tonight? } Favorite Upcoming Diverse Books of 2020

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{ Fighting for Identity } Review of Sons of Fire by Tracy Auerbach

Sons of Fire not only touches on our insecurities, but deconstructs them, showing us how warped our self-image can become, and that we can build a foundation to stand on, if we choose to trust.